Monday, July 25, 2011


A while back, I expressed gratitude for our old refrigerator, which consistently groaned and complained, because it was 25+ years old. But it kept running.

Then one night, not too long ago, it took its last breath and gave up the ghost. Regretfully, we made a trip to our local appliance store and bought a new one. It's a side by side. It's smaller and has a small freezer. As far behind the times as we are, we had never owned an ice machine. Now, we are the proud owners of an ice machine. Yay!

Wait a minute. Sometimes an extra ice cube escapes and I let it lie on the floor because I have trouble bending over. I realized that I'd have to stop leaving the ice cube on the floor. I stated this opinion to my DH. Before he had a chance to agree, our cat, Abbie, spoke up. "No," she said.

Have I mentioned that we own a spoiled cat? Or she owns us -- or whatever?
Well, she threw herself down beside the next ice cube and wouldn't let us come near. Seems she thought it was hers. She watched it for a while, then tried to bite it. That didn't work, so she licked it. Now she thinks it's a done deal. If we don't provide an occasional ice cube, she goes to the refrigerator and waits for one to fall. "Meow," she says, indicating that she's ready for her ice cube fix. Perhaps, the 100+* heat is partly to blame. I have to lay blame somewhere. When winter comes, I'm sure she'll change her ways. If she doesn't, we may have to use tough love. Or something...