Friday, December 18, 2009


Everyone who knows me well is aware that I'm an animal person.. I love cats and dogs. They warm my life in so many ways. Since I feel the way I do, it would be unnatural for me to leave them out of my writing.

I don't deliberately plan to include them. I'm just writing along and here comes a dog or cat. In some cases, even a goat or—well, I don't want to give away the story of Secrets of Old Santa Fe or that of Christmas Stranger. Anyway, animals seem to insinuate themselves into my books. And I, being the warm-hearted person I am, allow them to take up residence between the pages.

One such character is Ceesco, a tiny Mexican Chihuahua, an humble resident of Santa Fe. He worms his way into the hearts of most of the human characters. I didn't make him up. There really is a Ceesco, who belongs to a friend.

Another is Brownie, Melinda's big chocolate Lab that plays a part in Christmas Stranger. She belongs to my daughter. While she's very real, her actual name is Hershey. My daughter wanted to know why I didn't keep her actual name. It's simple. The story takes place in 1882. While there were big brown Labs in existence, I don't think there were hersheys.

Reviewers who liked my books have given them high ratings. Matilda of Coffee Time Review awarded Secrets of Old Santa Fe a 4 cup review. I like to think little Ceesco had something to do with that.


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