Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Reviewed by Marion Kelley Bullock

Paige Rogers, former CIA agent, has disappeared. Actually, she’s hiding in the lazy little town of Split Creek, Oklahoma, working as a librarian. She’s afraid for her life, believing that Daniel Keary, another agent, betrayed her entire team seven years ago.

When Keary announces his candidacy for Oklahoma’s governor, he threatens Paige. Why? She hasn’t interfered in his campaign and hadn’t intended to get involved in any of his political ambitions. And that guilts her. She shouldn’t have given up on bringing him to justice.

Now all that has changed. Keary has thrown down the gauntlet. Paige sees that she must choose between continued hiding and taking a stand. How can she allow someone so evil to take control of her state?

And there's more—so much more than just her safety involved.

Romantic Suspense at its spine-tingling best.