Monday, February 05, 2007


By Marion Kelley Bullock

When circumstances set Maggie Anderson up to leave her abusive boyfriend, she takes the plunge. In her mad dash across country, she spins lie after lie, anxious to wipe out her former life. Even her name is a lie. Her journey ends in Clayburn, Kansas, at a homey inn named Wren's Nest. The owners, Wren and Jake, accept her as she is and she's eaten up with guilt. If she tells them her real story, she fears they'll hate her.

Trevor Ashlock feels drawn to Maggie. Her fresh-faced innocence reminds him of Amy, his beloved wife, who was killed two years ago in a car accident. He and Maggie are thrown together as they both help to remodel the inn. He wants to know her better, but she insists she'll be gone soon.

Deb Raney blends love, faith, and redemption into this heartwarming story of a young woman's struggles for survival. This is a tender story of second chances. It's a must read!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


By Marion Kelley Bullock

When Emma St. John arrived at her family’s lake cabin to meet her beloved brother, she met tragedy and lost her eyesight and her memory. Police believed she’d witnessed her beloved brother’s murder before she plunged through the dark woods and dashed out in front of a car.

Reverend Colin Fitzpatrick, the driver of the car, is haunted by his first glimpse of Emma’s lovely face before his car hit her. She was fleeing someone—or something. He feels she’s his responsibility. But keeping her out of the hands of the killers will require more than he can provide. It will provide divine intervention.

Suspense builds as Colin and Emma stay one step ahead of the murderers. If you enjoy a fast-paced novel, you’ll want this one. It’s hard to put down!