Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fun Inspirational Romantic ebook

ANGEL WITH A RAY GUN, By Deborah Kinnard

Reviewed by Marion Kelley Bullock

Matt Greeley leads a double life as a minister and a science fiction writer. He never felt the need to tell his congregation about his 'writing' life. Which turns into a problem.

When his publisher sends AJ Mercer to replace his tried and true editor, he fears that his latest bestseller is doomed. Not only is the new agent a female, but she distrusts Christianity and all men. Which works against the new novel.

Once Matt sees the gorgeous AJ, he fears that his life will never be the same. He didn't mean to fall in love with a quirky woman like AJ, a woman who was brought up by a hippie-type, offbeat mother, who encourages her to go with the flow. But he did. And when his church members find out about her, they're sure he's up to no good.

AJ is attracted to her client, but she definitely does not want to hinder his ministry. Her faith journey is true-to-life, and Matt is no less a realistic character. Their romance contains spiritual truths, humor, tension and a whole lot of fun. Enjoy!