Saturday, November 08, 2008

OUT OF HER HANDS, by Megan DiMaria

Reviewed by Marion Kelley Bullock

Remember Searching for Spice, by Megan DeMaria? Ever wonder what became of Linda Revere, her dreamy husband (she wishes) and her son and daughter? Wonder no more. In Out of Her Hands, Linda’s grown children are making their own life choices. Linda wants only the best for them and that’s what she expects. She has prayed for their future spouses for years. So it’s a shock when her son brings home the girl he declares he loves—a girl Linda would never have chosen for him—not in a million years.

Shock waves continue to slam Linda throughout the book as she deals with her challenging job, her beloved widowed father-in-law, and her splintering family life. How does she manage when she realizes it’s all out of her hands?

I enjoyed this book so much, partly because, while it’s a stand alone, just as is Searching for Spice, it continues the story of these characters with whom I’ve become acquainted. Megan doesn’t pull any punches. She tells it like it is, showing us a true-to-life family with real problems, joys and sorrows. Go out and buy it and see for yourself. You'll be glad you did!