Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Be sure to take an extra bag for all the books you can't resist buying at the conference September 21 - 24th.

Here's one I just finished reading. You won't want to miss it. It's super special. Compare it to Beverly Lewis' heartwarm books about the Amish people.

When the Heart Cries

By Cindy Woodsmall

Seventeen-year-old Hannah Lapp longs to break free from the confining traditions of her Old Order Amish community. Not yet baptized, she hasn’t joined the faith, but she’s still bound by her father’s strict adherence to the rules. Hannah is torn between her family and the freedom of the outside world. And even more, she wants to marry outside her faith. She wants to marry Mennonite, Paul Waddell.
Paul proposes to her, before he leaves for his final year of college. Though she knows this will forever affect her relationship with her family, she’s filled with joy. Then tragedy strikes and Hannah knows nothing will ever be the same. She finds herself shut off from the very ones who should offer support. Her family, her community, and even Paul.
As I read Cindy’s touching book, my heart cried out at the injustice Hannah met. As she discovered life isn’t fair, I ached for her. When her heart was torn out by the roots, I grieved with her. I rejoiced at her bravery through the trials she faced. And I’m filled with impatience to find out what will happen next. Hurry up and write the sequel, Cindy!