Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Reviewed by Marion Kelley Bullock

Linda Revere is blessed with a good, dependable husband and two children whom she dearly loves. Jerry Revere is a down-to-earth community college science teacher who provides for his family’s needs. But after nearly twenty-five years of marriage, Linda Revere is bored. She yearns for something more.

She wants the sizzle back in her marriage. She wants passion. She wants romance. And Jerry, dear that he is, doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. What’s she to do? Why, come up with a plan, of course.

But plans don’t always work as expected, because life gets in the way. In the midst of frustrations on the job, helping friends, and handling crises in her home, Linda struggles to spice up her marriage— make it the stuff of her dreams. And in the process, she asks for God’s help. Is her faith sufficient to handle her problems or is it just a Sunday thing?

I loved the way Megan interwove her own special blend of dry wit and charm throughout this fresh, romantic tale. I exulted over the heroine’s determination to revitalize her marriage. I cheered for her as she faced and overcame trials and temptations in her quest.
And I enjoyed her sweetness and even her snarky moments, as she came through her problems and found peace in Jesus.

What a fun read!