Saturday, November 28, 2009

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

part of the Tabor Heights Inspirational series

By Michelle Levigne

Reviewed by Marion Kelley Bullock

Lynette Tyler is shocked to learn that her daughter's favorite teacher is none other than the man she pushed out of her life years ago when she got pregnant. Now she refuses to face her past. She resists acknowledging Daniel Morgan as Kat's father.

When Daniel discovers that Kat's mother is the college sweetheart he'd loved and lost, he pursues Lynette and is again rebuffed. Will Lynette relent and agree to tell Kat he's her father? Is there a chance for the three of them to have a future together?

This is a sweet story of love, forgiveness and dependence on God. If you get hooked on these characters, don't worry. Michelle has more Tabor Heights books in store for us. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Maid of Murder

By Amanda Flower
An India Hayes Mystery

Reviewed by Marion Kelley Bullock

India Hayes is in the habit of protecting her brother, Mark. When he crashes Olivia Blocken's party, and tells her he has to talk to her, Olivia's controlling mother throws him out. But not before he insists Olivia meet him the next morning at his office at Martin College. When Olivia dies after being pushed into a huge, ugly fountain near Mark's office building, Mark is the obvious suspect. He loved Olivia, and doesn't want her to marry Kirk in a week.

India, who was supposed to be a bride's maid, along with another of Olivia's friends, Bree, and Olga, Olivia's kid sister, determines to unravel the crime. She investigates everyone, including Mark.

Ms. Flower's book contains, besides librarian India, her co-worker, Bobby; Dr. and Mrs. Blocken and Olga; Bree; Topaz, dress designer; India's parents, who are prone to demonstrate, but balk at posting bail; a handsome police detective with a loud laugh; four doves; and two cats that refuse to get along with each other. It's a mad whirlwind of activity and India is right smack-dab in the middle of it.

Have fun trying to figure out who the murderer actually is and why. I know I did.
Release Information: Five Star Mystery/GaleJune 2010ISBN: 9781594148644
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


By Marion Kelley Bullock

Hooray! That's a victory cheer. Also defined as "an expression of happiness and satisfaction or relief." And if you're a writer — which I am — that's the way you feel when you finish a novel and send it on its way to your editor.

I did that a few weeks ago. I sent my Christmas novel, Christmas Stranger, to my talented editor, who then line-edited it and helped me make it more the book I meant it to be in the first place.

It's true that I finished the novel. And it's true I rejoice. But there's an element of sadness, too. I'll miss those people I created. Still, my characters live on in the book's pages and in my memory. I know them well: Melinda, Zeke, Timothy, and the others. Not the least of these is Brownie, Melinda's big Lab. And I won't even try to name all the other noisy animals.

I'm so thankful for those persons who work behind the scenes: Gail Delaney, our publisher; Jenifer Raneri, cover artist; and others. These friends do their part unseen. And I must never forget to be grateful for their help.

Desert Breeze Publishing will release the eNovel December 1.