Tuesday, December 01, 2009


By Marion Kelley Bullock

Desert Breeze Publishing ISBN #:978-1-936000 Available now.
Received a 5 Angel Review from Fallen Angel Review.

Melinda Jane Frazier, postmistress, has been alone, except for her faithful canine companion Brownie, since her father passed. One blizzardy night she hears knocking at her door. After a brief internal debate, she opens the door and finds Zeke, a wandering man, and his son Timothy nearly frozen to death. She quickly offers them appropriate accommodation for the night. One night turns into many and before long Melinda feels they've become the family she's always wanted, if only she can convince nomadic Zeke to stay... Christmas Stranger by Marion Kelley Bullock is a wonderful, gentle western historical, written in a style which reminds me of Catherine Anderson. The reader is quickly transported back in time and quickly achieves a real sense of the community, time and place. I really liked Melinda; she's independent and holds down a vital job. Melinda rapidly treats Timothy as her son, even knowing that he's there temporarily and that she's opening herself up to heartbreak. Timothy's a charmer and I found myself laughing out loud when the donkey appeared (I won't spoil the surprise). Zeke is a strong, yet flawed hero. He's trying to overcome his past and work out what it is he wants from life (at times I wanted to shake some sense into him). When you need a break from the upcoming busy holiday season, set aside a couple of hours and settle in to enjoy the heart-warming Christmas Stranger. Buy the book

Reviewed by: Kara of Fallen Angel Review.


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